Macro Report 12/2021

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Before selecting your listing date consider a more detailed report of your specific neighborhood. Ask your North Dakota REALTOR® Kassie Hanson for your report 701-425-6742

Check out December’s macro city housing market statistics of beautiful Bismarck, North Dakota. What stands out to you most?

Here is my REALTOR® perspective:

Active listings are down -125% for December 2021. Traditionally, active listings slow down during the winter months with frigid temperatures and Holiday Season in full swing. When listing your home from November through January, you will find house-hunting is taken more seriously with limited inventory and less buyer competition. Be prepared that your home might sit longer now than your neighbors did 2-3 months ago. (However, I just helped a condo go under contract within 24 hours three weeks ago with an exceptional cash offer)! The city of Bismarck may be chilly, people may be busy, and the covid era is among us, yet many homes are still selling fast in today’s winter market.

After the CMA is a success, your home-selling checklist is complete, and you’re ready to hit the “GO Button!”; consider requesting data reports from REALTOR® Kassie Hanson about your specific neighborhood that are much more in-depth than this example. Flexible with your listing date? Why not let this information factor in to help you net the most money out of your return investment?

Let’s agree one important factor impacting housing supply and demand is the seasonality of your market. While you might not think the season matters when it comes to a listing date it makes a BIG difference – in some cases up to 10%. For the average listed price in December, that’s a $27,495 price jump. How’s that for a seasonal discount?

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